Kid has:
Produced records
Acted in film and stage
Lived around the world
An apartment in NYC
A massage therapist's certification
Leftist politics
A cat
Mexican and Apache Indian blood in his veins
Lots of clothes.

Recently TimeOut NY said: "Kid Congo Powers currently holds the title of 'the coolest looking guy in New York'."
Need we say more?

Apart from that we got some links to KIDS's history in text, photo and mp3 format, covering his musical beginnings with THE GUN CLUB over his numerous projects in 80s and 90s to his recent band THE PINK MONKEY BIRDS.

1."Rock And Roll High School": Kid Grows Up Punk (1960-1979):
Text / Oral History

2."Preachin' the Blues": The Gun Club Pt 1: The Gun Club's Genesis (1979-1980)
Text / Oral History

3."Green Fuzz": The Cramps Pt 1: Becoming KCP in the Psychedelic Jungle (1980-1981)
Text / Oral History

4."New Kind of Kick": The Cramps Pt 2 - The Road and the Studio (1981 - 1984)
Text / Oral History

5."Walkin' With the Beast" : The Gun Club Pt 2 - The Las Vegas Story (1984)
Text / Oral History

6."Plunder the Tombs" : The London Years (1984-1986)
Text / Oral History

7."City of Refuge": Berlin and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1986-1990)
Text / Oral History

8."Please Come Home": The Gun Club, Pt. 3 (1987-1988)
Text / Oral History

9."Black Hole": The Gun Club Pt. 4 (1989-1996): Text Oral History
Text / Oral History

10."Music to Remember Him By": Solo, Die Haut, Congo Norvell and the emergence of Kid Congo Powers as a singer and songwriter (1988-1998): Text Oral History
Text / Oral History

11."Guitar Man":Collaborations and Guest Appearances
Text / Oral History

12."NYC Briefcase Blues" Knoxville Girls (1998-2001)
Text / Oral History

13."Why D'ya Do It?": Khan and Julee Cruise
Text / Oral History

14."Black Bag" Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds (2001-Present)
Text / Oral History


Kid Congo Powers // Solo Cholo CD

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds // Philosophy & Underwear LP/CD