With SWAMP TECH, Quintron, the eccentric organist and inventor from New Orleans, daringly sets the tone of the full-on party atmosphere he has become renowned for. It pulls back the reigns of dance fury and wait for you, the music listener, to join in. SWAMP TECH is the greatest, excitingest, most fullest of the spiritest, rocking and especially rollingest one-man-band album the world has ever seen. Here Quintron hammers his organ and rocks the paint off the walls to and makes THE dance music for cursed discotheques, disembodied booty shakers, and down and-dirty free-spirited grinders. His is definitely influenced by contemporary electronic/ dance music, but he loves old- fashioned rock’n’roll.

He plays music on a custom made Hammond / Rhodes combo organ backed by raw simple drum machine beats (think 808 boom chick boom boom chick) and his own patented invention the Drum Buddy- a rotating, light-activated analog synthesizer which is played much in the same way that a DJ spins and scratches records.

Most of the numbers are more vocal than those on previous albums, but the biggest effort was made in the production: Not as obscure sounding as his previous albums on Bulb and Skin Graft and also not as clean as Tim Kerr’s production work on “ARE YOU READY FOR AN ORGAN SOLO“, “SWAMP TECH“ now found the definite QUINTRON sound!

Of course lets not forget about MISS PUSSYCAT who plays maracas and sings backup as well as entertaining all age groups with her highly amusing technicolor puppet shows.

The QUINTRON story is not one of overnight success. In Mr. Q's own words: "First band- I was the singer in a cover band. Straight up covers: Stones, Doors, Chicago blues, some new wave hits also. We did a Romantics song- the big one- "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads, "Run and Run" by the Psychedelic Furs, but mostly we did what people wanted to hear- classic rock and blues; we even had a harmonica player and he was younger than me. I was 17. The name of the band was IDOL CHATTER and we played in bars in Chicago for $. Practice and live show tapes exist but you would have to find the band leader, Luke Meyer. He is now a Psychologist in Chicago IL. This was not a very good band but we knew a lot of songs and we really practiced in a garage." "Where From- born in Germany. Grew up in Mobile, AL and St. Louis, MO. Went to Chicago at 17. High school graduate, no college."

Quintron is very secretive about his past, his family, and his personal life. He rarely grants interviews. But when he does, you never know what he might say. His stories often conflict and seem like Quintron inventions, too. Quintron told Bill Grady in a 1996 Times-Picayune article that he and his wife, Miss Pussycat, were first cousins. The headline on the front page of the Metro section read, “Kissing Cousins.” The continuation of the article on page two read, “Couple: Cousins cavorting in Bywater.” Quintron conducted the interview in a wheelchair, telling Grady that he fell from a roller coaster at Six Flags over Mid-America. As the Sept. 2000 Offbeat coverboy, Quintron was more honest with writer Aimee Toledano. It was his most in-depth interview to date, but he added, “…all a musician is… it’s an anonymous ghost to think about and imagine and listen to and communicate with anonymously. [Talking about yourself] is not necessarily interesting to the anonymous public. I don’t care for them to know and I think they’ll have a much better time with Quintron records in the future if they don’t know.”

He went to Chicago to attend drama school. He hosted shows at his club Milk of Burgundy. At that time, he was a drummer playing a homemade contraption of sound in a band called Math. Quintron emerged after Math disbanded. He became a one man-band drummer, named Quintron after the company where his father worked as an electrical engineer. Mr. Quintron's first full length record "I.F. 001-011" is quite different from his already wide body of releases, documenting the days of Mr. Quintron's brief but fruitful career as a haunted house curator, endlessly playing the drum for days straight with little or no break..

"You don't get me without her." Quintron arrived in New Orleans via Chicago. Love, the result of a Mardi Gras romance with Miss Pussycat, puppeteer and proprietor of Pussycat Caverns on Burgundy Street, brought him here. Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat were married in Las Vegas without knowing each other's given names. In New Orleans, persuaded by Miss Pussycat, Quintron traded in the drums for a Hammond S-6, the classic '50s "cheater" organ. He found a sympathetic audience. Today, Mr. Quintron is the hottest dance one-man-band property in the record business. His records sell to the point that, with each new release, the number of advance pressings must be stepped up to meet the ever increasing demand. Here's a performer who knows what the public wants.

The reverently manic moodscapes of Mr. Quintron's organ sound harken back to images of The Amazing Jimmy Smith's most improvisatory moments, while simultaneously out-swinging the Raymond Scott Quintette's warped cartoon soundtracks. Armed with a Gulbranssen Transistor Model E tube organ, among others, he repeatedly pounds out proof to the contrary of the old notion that the world of tube organs begins and ends with the Hammond B3. With impassioned live performances, Quintron serves as a catalyst, drawing crowd members into the show until everyone present becomes part and parcel of the performance at hand.

Indeed along with being a world class performer, Mr. Quintron is the contemporary mad scientist idealized, toiling maniacally with circuitry and gadgets in his workshop. His laboratory work in the 9th Ward of New Orleans has escaped the notice of the popular electrical-engineering circles and has allowed him the solace needed to take his work in directions overlooked by his contemporaries. Here he tampers with his organs and constructs new toys, each more demented and spectacular than the last. But thanks to his latest marketing campaign, multitudes now recognize the possibilities inherent in such "Quintraptions" as The Drum Buddy, a rotating oscillator / drum-machine activated by rhythmic light exposure patterns. Building and adapting his own instruments is a very practical skill for Mr. Quintron. For instance, commercial Theremin kits are currently being sold for amounts in excess of $600, allowing "real" rock'n'roll bands such as Dinosaur Jr. and Blues Explosion to build and use the recently popularized instrument. According to Quintron, a transistor Theremin that you can run through a tube amplifier can be built for approximately $6 with parts from Radio Shack.

There was a time, not so long ago that everybody who's anybody across the Gulf Coast knew of, or had had the pleasure of visiting the Pussycat Caverns (RIP) in the ninth ward of New Orleans, a full-time theater which was run for approximately 3 1/2 years primarily by Miss Pussycat, mastermind and manager of media darlings Flossie and The Unicorns, world-famous puppet band. In true spirit of the haute couture of Pussycat caverns drama, she regularly designs saucy new seasonal wardrobes for her troupe of little puppet friends. It was there in the Caverns where she presented her highly-stylized puppet shows, with a rotating cast of characters, tasteful (vs. ostentatious) special effects, and dialogues which have been calculatedly awkward and comic, representing relevant concerns of the contemporary human such as the dilemmas of paying phone bills and going to work. The Pussycat Caverns, in it's time, hosted cinema programming by Broussard's Zietgeist Theater Experiments, as well as occasional regular presentations by local and touring performers such as Circus Ridiculous, The Make-Up, and The Scissor Girls. It was also there, deep in the heart of the Caverns, where Mr. Quintron recorded his second record, "The Amazing Spellcaster." Since his relocation from Chicago to New Orleans in 1991, he and Miss Pussycat have been fervently engaged in an all-out, no holds barred crusade, administering loaded doses of pyrotechnic-laden theatrics to believers and non believers alike all across The Deep South and around the world.

The Quintron / Miss Pussycat experience is one of barely controlled electronic chaos, up-tempo swamp-tech beats, small explosions, incredible clothes, and entertaining puppet stories. You can see them perform regularly at the Spellcaster Lodge New Orleans, Louisiana or on one of their many tours around the world. This act somehow has equal relevance in sleazy nightclubs, pizza restaurants, and university lecture halls.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat enjoy a cult following in the US where they tour regularly, last seen with the White Stripes and The Cramps for way to many sho. Their home, on the fringes of the New Orleans French Quarter, is 'The Spellcaster Lodge', a secret underwater dance club where Peaches and Jon Spencer, among many others, have taken part in their spectacular fancy-dress musical extravaganzas. Always violent and interesting, Quintron's exciting clothes, high energy, rawness and originality never fail to entertain. Extremely creative and colourful, Miss Pussycat sings back-up, plays maracas and adds unforgettable sparkle.

.032 Quintron & Miss Pussycat: Swamp Tech LP/CD+ DVD

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